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DOG GUARD - America's Most Reliable Out-Of-Sight Electronic Dog Fence

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Dog Guard® offers transmitters designed for both outdoor and indoor use.

RT-2 Room Transmitter

The RT-2 room transmitter is a small/versatile device that is designed for containing or restraining pets in or from designated areas inside the home.

It works off the same receivers your dog wears with the outdoor transmitter.

The T4 Outdoor Transmitter features user-friendly lights to let your know the transmitter is working properly and an audible sound when there is a problem with the signal field.  It includes easy to set range and warning level adjustments.  The T-4 transmitter is set in the encoded mode, an ID code makes the system immune to all interference from stray signals and provides "Dual Zones" in the signal field.  The dual zone enables two signal fields.  In the first field, the pet receives a warning level stimulus that is preset on the front of the transmitter.  It's purpose is to warn your pet to turn back.  Should your pet enter the second signal field, the receiver will automatically increase to a stronger stimulus.  The T-4 transmitter has two frequency settings to accommodate side by side installations and can cover up to 50 acres.  The Dog Guard T-4 transmitter has a LIFE TIME Warranty.

Surge Protector

We include a surge protector with each outdoor T-4 transmitter.

This will protect your system against a power surge or the possibility of a lightling strike to the buried wire in your yard.

All Dog Guard Receivers have a fail safe feature that shuts the receiver down 30 seconds after it has been activated. The receiver will reset itself once it has been removed from the signal field for 3 seconds. This feature assures that your pet will not be continuously stimulated should he become caught in the signal field.

All receivers are waterproof and have a LIFE TIME warranty provided it was not damaged or abused. Dog Chews are covered under the LIFE TIME warranty. Your Dog Guard professional dealer will show you ways to prevent dog chews.

Dog Guard 9-XT

The DG 9 XT receiver is designed to handle the “medium to stubborn and tough-to-train” dogs.  It works well with dogs that are runners such as Huskies, Labs and hunting dogs.

Dog Guard 5000

This DG 5000 receiver is designed to handle "small, timid, passive    and up to medium sized" dogs.

Dog Guard Micro

The DG Micro receiver is designed to contain “tiny pets” weighing        1 to 10 pounds.

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Dog Guard® Out-Of-Sight Dog Fence is an electric dog fence (or wireless dog fence) Electronic Dog Fence, Radio Dog Fence,

specifically designed to keep your pet safe and secure - indoors and out - and is a trademark of Sunward Electronics®.

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*Dog Guard® Out-0f-Sight Fencing® is a trademark of Sunward Electronics® and should not be confused with Invisible Fence® (InvisibleFence®).

Invisible Fence® and Invisible Fencing® are registered trademarks of Invisible Fence Company.

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HOW IT WORKS: After your signal wire is buried to define the area of containment, boundary flags are setup within the perimeter of the signal wire. During the early days of training, you walk your leashed dog around the inside perimeter of your pet containment area, and verbal commands are used to train your pet to avoid the boundary flags.

After your system is activated, when your pet enters the reminder zone, 3 to 6 feet from the signal wire, they receive your choice of an audio signal or a mild correction stimulus, warning that they are approaching the boundary.  If they enter the correction zone, they  receive a stronger correction.

Dog Guard Micro-Rechargeable Receiver


   Rechargeable battery with "battery good" indicator light

   Audible correction buzzer and LED

   Physical correction indicator and LED

   Automatic safety shut-off